river clean-ups

Got Bags? Need Bags?

Along with Uvalde County & Texas Hill Country River Region, Real County’s KIRB delivers 100% biodegradable yellow mesh bags to over 20 business & camps along the Nueces and Frio Rivers. At the present time, people in Real County need to take the filled bags to a disposable site on the river or take them home to recycle. This is a successful way to help keep the land and rivers clean!  Contact KIRB if you would like to host bags for give away, or if you would like to offer a dumpster for river goers to place their bags of litter in when they have helped clean up.

Yellow River Cleanup bags

These bright yellow bags are yours to take and use for all your adventures in the Frio River Canyon and Nueces River. We need Yellow Bag stations around town! Are you willing to host yellow bags and a can?

Highway Cleanup

KIRB sponsors two highways for clean up 4 times a year.
· Hwy 83 in Leakey, south of town
· Hwy 55 in Camp Wood, south of town

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Are you a business who would like to encourage our intrepid highway clean up volunteers by sponsoring an upcoming clean up event? Email us today at