• Tourism and Skygazing Enjoyment – The Texas Hill Country is one of the last regions in Texas without significant light pollution. Dark Night Skies enhance the beauty of the area for the local community and attract visitors, leading to economic growth. The trend toward increased lighting is reversible!
  • Wasted Energy/Wasted Money – Better directed light means less wattage needed, which saves significant dollars.
  • Safety – Bright lights can give a false sense of security. “If lot of lights give good security, then our big cites would be the safest places in the world!” High glare lighting makes for dangerous driving conditions.
  • Wildlife and Human Health – Unnatural light disrupts feeding and breeding, impacts migratory patterns and life cycles; affects human natural rhythms.
    What is Light Pollution?
  • Sky Glow – The “bubble” of light formed above a city or town, caused by misdirected lighting escaping up instead of where it is needed.
  • Glare – Light that shines directly into your eyes, making it harder to see. It actually makes shadows darker=less safe and can make for hazardous driving conditions.
  • Light Trespass – Poorly aimed or shielded light that spills onto other people’s property. Sky Glow is a type of Light Trespass.
  • Light Clutter – Bright, confusing and excessive grouping of lighting.


How can you help???

  • Start with your own home and business property – Only put light where it’s needed, use correct types of fixtures and bulbs, direct lighting downward and use shields for direction
  • Talk to friends and neighbors
  • Become a Night Sky friendly business with compliant lighting
  • Work with community leaders on adoption of ordinances and/or resolutions to reverse light pollution